List of variables

User of the command
Everything behind the command
Current channel
Subcount of the channel (requires permission during login)
Followcount of the channel
Current viewercount
Downtime of the stream
Uptime of the stream
Random chatter
Random chatter, but always the same
Get a random number | Usage: %randomnumber%10 > Number from 1-10
Get a random number, but always the same
Current title
Current game
Get data from a custom API | Usage: %customapi% | ONLY PLAIN TEXT RESULTS
Sends the reponse later | Usage: This response appears %later%4 Seconds later!
Random FrankerFaceZ Channel Emote
Random FrankerFaceZ Channel Emote, but always the same
Lists all FFZ Emotes


Final response
Currently %subcount% people have subscribed
Currently 123 people have subscribed
!shoot TitusDE
%user% shoots %target% in the leg
KATimoms shoots TitusDE in the leg
%staticrandombttv% %staticrandombttv%
PeepoOnChicken PeepoOnChicken
!lines zonekks
%target% sent %chatlines% Messages in here, go and get a life Pepega
zonekks sent 187 Messages in here, go and get a life Pepega
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