Delete phrases you dont want in your chat

Get an overview:

A basic overview is accessible for everyone at /r/CHANNELNAME/blacklist. Streamer and their Moderators are able to edit/remove/add phrases through their /overview.

Edit phrases through chat

  • don't write < and >

Add phrase

!blacklist add <PHRASE> <LENGTH>

Example: !blacklist add you stoopid 5

You can also add "ban" as length, which results in a ban!

Delete phrase

!blacklist remove <PHRASE>

Example: !blacklist del/remove/rm you stoopid

Edit phrases through dashboard


By default, a phrase is always getting purged | Defined by "all" You can whitelist games, by adding the Twitch Directory Name (by exact name), splitted with semicolons

Grand Theft Auto V;Minecraft;ASMR

Phrase: "Go to the sheriff" Games: Red Dead Redemption 2 Through this way, bsg is not tracked while streaming Just Chatting


  • /me can be tracked

  • Case insensitive

  • If "uff" is tracked, "buffalo" isn't getting purged

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